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Brother Christian was born into a Protestant family with a musical background in Dallas, TX, and started playing the guitar at age 10. In high school, he formed and performed in “The Raging Sun”, an alternative rock band that was on the radio in major U.S. and college markets and toured the Texas music scene.

During college, he became a seeker and looked for something more meaningful than the religion of his youth. After exploring many world religions, to his surprise he found what he was looking for in Christianity. Then Brother Christian and his older brother Thomas started and performed in “Amos”, a Christian rock band that was on the radio in major U.S. markets and opened for many popular artists such as the “Newsboys”.

After meeting with Christian music industry executives and being advised for success, Brother Christian became disillusioned and looked for a pathway for a deeper spiritual journey. He became a monk in the Order of Restoration in Christ (O.R.I.C), and started a music ministry that today helps the elderly in nursing homes and Alzheimer's units worship Jesus Christ during their last days.

Brother Christian has helped start several other ministries with his Priest, Fr. Richard Hill, ranging from helping the homeless to food ministry to addiction recovery. He also served as the music director of “The Joy of the Lord”, a Christian variety TV show giving both famous and new music artists a chance to be heard in several major markets. 

After about 20 years and much contemplation and prayer, the Lord started giving Brother Christian deeper songs of worship. Under the Lord's direction, he and Fr. Hill built a recording studio that specializes in Christian music and produces all of Brother Christian’s songs.

These songs reflect on his experiences into the Christian mysteries. Brother Christian is part of the Convergence, Empowerment and Restorationist movements. He is a lover of animals and has a cat named Kitty.

Presently, Brother Christian is assistant minister (an ordained Protestant Minister) and music minister at Restoration in Christ Church and ministries. He's consistently worked on expanding, updating and forming more ministries.

“The aim of this project is to share the gospel (of the good news) of Jesus Christ through music and celebrate Him by giving the music away freely. As it was given to me, so people might know and worship Jesus – the creator of all things – more deeply, and thereby finally experience the life they were created to live.” - Brother Christian

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